With foldable cell phones still in their infancy, but proving that they can grow into a solid category for sale in no time at all, few manufacturers want to be left behind. We already have Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others on the train, and another of those who would already have the purchased ticket is Google.

There has long been talk of the existence of a mobile phone from the Pixel family with the foldable screen. The Google Pixel Fold rumor has shown signs of life at various times but we haven’t seen it officially arrive yet, and now a reference appears to be leaving clues to its existence once again.

Google Pixel Fold benchmark appears

When it comes to Google product leaks for the mobile phone industry, we have only seen three of the four products that have been leaked. These are the Google Pixel 6, the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the Google Pixel 5a, with the arrival in Spain of the first two apparently guaranteed for this year 2022. The fourth in dispute, the Google Pixel Fold, is still awaiting to be seen officially and now it has just reappeared.

In this case, we are talking about a performance test, a filtered benchmark of the phone which, as often happens in this type of case, should be greeted with some skepticism. Performance tests have proven to be falsifiable in past cases, so they shouldn’t become hard evidence of a device’s existence, but even so, we’re telling you the supposed Google Pixel Fold has reappeared.

We are faced with the test of a certain Google Pipit, code name of the future Google Pixel Fold whose name is not official either, and which displays a power similar to that exhibited by the Google Pixel 6 presented there a few weeks. In this case we would have 12 GB of RAM on board the device under test and the scores displayed would corroborate the presence of the Google Tensor, the processor developed by Google with the help of Samsung.

Given that Google is already developing a version of Android 12 for foldable and large diagonal screens, the one known so far as Android 12L or Android 12 ‘Large’, everything indicates that the Google Pixel Fold could be a reality soon. , and maybe Android 12L would debut aboard the Pixel Fold itself in the coming months. In the meantime, we are still waiting to have more information on this Google Pixel Fold screen.

Via | Techradar