Google Pixel phones have had some pretty handy features since late 2020 and that has to do with their battery life. We know that in order to extend the life of internal cell phone batteries, there are a series of tips and precautions to be taken into account, and Google has introduced improvements in the charging system of its own phones.

The Google Pixel’s so-called adaptive charging was coordinated with the time we set the alarm to optimize power delivery and extend battery life. Now it looks like Android 12 will incorporate a very similar system for all manufacturers who decide to activate it when updating their cell phones.

Non-Pixel Phones That Smartly Charge Android 12

As we said, Adaptive Charging has been working on Compatible Pixels for months already. The system coordinates the energy delivery with the telephone alarm, so that it reserves the last “shot” of electricity for the minutes before it rings so that we have 100% when we wake up. An option that allows the battery to stay at 80% charge, an optimal figure for its conservation, almost overnight.

This smart feature was until now limited to the company’s Pixel phones, but some Reddit users report similar performance on their phones with the beta of Android 12. Phones that charge at a good 80% speed. and which, from this moment, slow down the loading. speed to reach 100% much more calmly.

The changes were appreciated with the fourth beta of Android 12 which does not have a news list according to Google, although we have already assumed that some will emerge as more users install and use it. daily. Since these adaptive loads are detected by phones that Google did not manufacture, it makes sense to assume that this is a smart load installed in the operating system itself and will be published for everyone.

Via | 9to5Google