Chile: Piñera creates the Ministry of Public Security, on which the Carabineros will depend

Europa Press

La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, September 5, 2021, p. 2. 3

Santiago. The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, announced the creation of a new Ministry of Public Security that will have the objective of putting people, their freedoms and their rights at the center and will restructure the current functions of the Ministry of the Interior, for which Carabineros it will become dependent on the new portfolio.

Piñera signed a bill to create this portfolio, which will focus on promoting inter-institutional coordination of the State, giving a broader view of the crime phenomenon and being in permanent evaluation of the risks that the country faces.

At a press conference held this Friday in La Moneda, accompanied by the Ministers of Interior and Public Security, Rodrigo Delgado, and of Justice and Human Rights, Hernán Larraín, Piñera insisted that the State’s response must be anticipatory and reactive.

In addition, it must focus on minimizing the dangers of public safety and react quickly and effectively when the safety of people is affected, he said.

The forces of order and public security will depend hierarchically on this portfolio, specifically the Carabineros, the Investigative Police, the National Intelligence and National Cybersecurity agencies, as well as the regional ministerial secretariats of Public Security.

Faced with the new security paradigm, we require a complete state response, which goes beyond the logic that understands the police as the exclusive ones in charge of security, and that starts from the basis that this function must fall to a public security system, headed by a specialized and technical ministry, added the Chilean president.

According to the government, this decision is in line with the roadmap designated by the Carabineros Reform Coordination Unit, which emphasized this action following the recommendations of both the Council for the Reform of Carabineros and the Senate Police Reform Commission. , after the criticized actions of the police force during the social outbreak of 2019.

The work of the Carabineros has been widely criticized in recent years in Chile, especially since the outbreak of protests in October 2019, which led to the drafting of a new Constitution, still in development.

The National Institute of Human Rights of Chile has denounced torture and other abuses against people detained in the context of the protests, which left more than twenty dead and more than 3,600 injured, many of whom lost their sight in whole or in part. due to the Carabineros’ practice of shooting protesters in the eyes.