Pinehills honored for water treatment facility

The New England Water Environment Association has awarded The Pinehills Waste Water Treatment Facility with the George W. Burke, Jr. Facility Safety Award for excellence and effectiveness in safety programming. 

The award was presented at The NEWEA annual conference held in Boston. John Judge, the president of Pinehills LLC was on hand to accept the award.

 The award recognizes excellence and effectiveness in safety programming for municipal and industrial wastewater facilities. It is presented annually to wastewater treatment facilities that have exhibited the best safety records in the past calendar year. 


 The Pinehills owns and operates a privately run, large-scale centralized wastewater treatment facility with 300,000 gallon capacity of wastewater per day which serves all its homes and commercial properties. Earlier this year the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection awarded The Pinehills a 2016 Public Water Systems Awards.

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