The first Google security keys were presented in 2018 but they did not arrive in Spain until two years later, in 2020. At that time, Google presented three devices with a USB, NFC and Bluetooth connection that allowed for raise the level of security. to connections.

Now Google has gone further with its Google Titan security key and eliminated one of the original trio, but to improve the other two. The Google Titan NFC security key is disappearing and now we have two new models, one USB-A and the other USB-C, which also have NFC integrated, so one of the keys now works for the mobile phone.

Now all Google keys are NFC

As we commented, Google is now bringing NFC connection to all of its next-gen security keys, with which the family is reduced to a USB-A model and a USB-C model, but both are more complete than the first line of 2019. Buying is now basically reduced to our needs or just sticking to the limitation of our own computer and the ports it makes available to us.

Google’s new Titan security keys retain the previous compatibility with FIDO security standards, so they are not only valid for protecting our Google account and your credentials. They also work with apps like 1Password, to name just one of the more well-known. Of course, they still work with Google’s advanced protection program.

The new keys are automatically made compatible with mobile phones, whereas in the first generation there was only one such model, the NFC. Google says its first Titan security key with NFC continues to work without issue. The new line arrives in Google-authorized stores, both physical and online, and the multinational store today, August 10. For the moment there is no price in euros but we know that the USB-A + NFC key costs $ 30 and the USB-C + NFC costs $ 35.

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