In the Notes app, we can locate more than just text. We can scan documents, add videos, images, etc. These files are saved in the same note, by default, but sometimes a backup can be handy for us, just in case. Fortunately, the Notes application gives us this option.

Photos also in Photos, as a backup

When we write a note, we can add content in two different ways. One is to go to the Photos app and add the different elements, the other is to capture them directly from the app itself. In the first case, the end result is that the added photo or video is in both photos and notes, but in the second case, it is not the default behavior.

If what we want is for the content we add directly to Notes to also be saved in Photos, we need to follow these steps:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We play on Notes. We activate Save in photos.

The same text under this setting tells us that now the photos and videos we capture through the app will be saved to Photos as they would if we added them from there.

A very simple system that will allow us to make sure that if we later delete the note, the images it contains will be correctly saved and synchronized with the rest of our devices. An additional security measure that can be very useful.