Pfizer vaccine is 97% effective in symptomatic cases of Covid, study finds

Lot of Pfizer vaccines sent to Curitiba by the Ministry of Health | Photo: Pedro Ribas / SMCS

The Pfizer vaccine, the first doses of which have already arrived in ParanĂ¡, had already shown great effectiveness against Covid during the test phases. However, a study carried out in Israel proved the high rate of effectiveness of the immunizer in the fight against infection by the coronavirus. Research data, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that in practice the vaccine is 97% effective against symptomatic cases and 86% effective in asymptomatic cases of the disease.

The researchers carried out the work between December 2020, when the Pfizer vaccine began to be applied in Israel, and February 25, 2021. Positive cases were identified by RT-PCR tests, and followed for 28 days after confirmation. of infection. Some of the audience analyzed in the research were healthcare professionals who underwent routine testing, which helped identify asymptomatic positive cases.

Thus, the authors suggest, the importance of mass vaccination strategies is instrumental in lowering rates of transmission of the virus within the population – identifying and reducing asymptomatic cases goes a long way in reducing the circulation of the virus. coronavirus. “Given the potential role of people with asymptomatic infections in the Covid-19 pandemic, the effect of silently reducing the transmission of the coronavirus can have a significant impact on public health,” the study points out.

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