In the cinema, you can currently see Peter Kurth in a local pub in Berlin. In the interview, the actor tells us if he has an ad himself and what role in the cinema he will take on next.

Berlin (dpa) – Actor Peter Kurth (64) is already working on his next project. He wants to shoot a new movie with director Thomas Stuber. “We will start in August,” Kurth told the German news agency.

He has already done “Herbert” and “In den Gänge” with him. The new film is based on the short story “Die silent Trabanten” by Clemens Meyer. Kurth plays one of the security guys. He was also seen with the story at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

Why is someone mean?

A few years ago, Kurth made himself known to an audience of millions with the detective series “Babylon Berlin”. He is currently seen in Daniel Brühl’s film “next door”, which takes place in a corner bar in Berlin. Kurth plays a man who spies on his neighbor – a successful actor – for a long time.

A Vilain ? “It’s a moral tint that I wouldn’t go like this with,” Kurth said. “What does that mean or not?” I have another question. What happened to him that he is now stuck in this situation? ”The film chronicles the movements in big cities and the different ways of life.

How did he prepare for the character? “Throughout life,” said Kurth, who grew up in the GDR himself. “This is my generation. We have followed a similar path through two social systems. I was able to bring a lot of experience to the table. And then of course you have to learn the text. “He’s very satisfied with Brühl as a director.” He did that very well. “

A local pub is a must

The psychological thriller also chronicles the changes in Berlin. Kurth said a major change had also taken place in his neighborhood. “That’s why I think it’s good that there are people taking care of it. Ask questions: what’s going on here? How do we live together Do we get out of the situation? Or is it getting worse? ”When asked if he had a local pub in Berlin, Kurth replied,“ Yeah. ”And is it more in the movie or in a hip bar? is more like a movie. “