Huawei adds a new “Petal” service to its prominent catalog of applications and platforms: the brand has launched its own speed test in China. Petal Speed, the name of the application, allows you to perform Internet diagnostics on Huawei phones to find out how well the connection works, both WiFi and mobile.

There are so many values ​​that condition the quality and stability of an Internet connection that it is not enough to test its download speed, it is also necessary to know the network latency, the IP, the download speed or the connection stability example. Most of these values ​​can be known with a speed test. And Huawei not only offers its own to owners of their mobiles, the brand has taken the opportunity to develop a high-quality solution. Petal Speed ​​is its name.

Speed ​​analysis, network diagnostics and more

Huawei’s app has just been released in China, so it’s still stored in the AppGallery in Huawei’s home country. This implies that, although being translated into English, the servers to which Petal Speed ​​connects are Chinese; which implies unreal connection speeds due to the remoteness (and barriers) of the nodes.

We were able to test Petal Speed ​​on our Huawei Mate 40 Pro thanks to the Petal Speed ​​APK offered by Huawei Central. The application itself is very neat, it has a speed test capable of measuring speeds, latencies, fluctuations and also packet loss. With a test, the app is enough and there is enough to throw away the basic data of a connection, but it does not stop there.

The bottom menu Petal Speed ​​provides access to network diagnostic tools that allow analysis of WiFi connectivity to locate areas with greater coverage, for example. And it doesn’t stop there since the app also offers all the data of the mobile network, including the signal strength.

The pity about Petal Speed ​​is that, being oriented towards China, it is not very useful for speed testing outside those borders. For it to be an alternative to apps like Speedtest, we’ll have to wait for Petal Speed ​​to be released in the international AppGallery, which will surely happen in the near future. As happened with Petal Mail, for example.

Petal Speed ​​is not yet very useful outside of China, but Huawei will surely end up distributing the app in the international AppGallery

Despite the current issues with analyzing networks outside of China, the truth is that it has seemed like an app to consider, at least when Huawei is internationalizing it. If you have a branded mobile and want to try it out as well, you can download the APK from Huawei Central.

Via | Huawei Center