Pedro Castillo, Peru’s presidential candidate, was voted the most in the second round of the elections. Photo: EFE

The Peruvian court rejected the legal protection appeal filed by a former congressman demanding that the general elections, which the neighboring country held on April 11 and June 6 of this year, be declared null and void. The 11th Constitutional Court of Lima rejected the appeal of former MP Yeni Vilcatoma, in which she requested not only the annulment of the elections, but also the National Election Jury (JNE), Peru’s supreme electoral body, to refrain from proclaiming the results. of the second round of the presidential election.

With this, she demanded that the new head of Congress assume the post of President of the Republic. After hearing the news, Vilcatoma announced that he would appeal the court’s decision and urged the population to file new appeals in the hope of finding a “courageous and fair” judge.

More than a month after the presidential runoff, Peru is now in the final phase of a polarized process, waiting for the electoral tribunal to consider the latest challenges presented by Força Popular and proclaim the winner of the second round, which according to the full count, the votes were won by Pedro Castillo, of the Peru Free party, with 50.12% of the vote.

The day after the polarized vote, Keiko claimed to have been the victim of “systematic fraud” and called for the cancellation of some 200,000 votes in rural areas, where Castillo obtained an overwhelming vote. In addition, no election observation body, including the Organization of American States (OAS), found evidence of fraud. The European Union, United States, United Kingdom and Canada expressed confidence in Peru’s electoral system and that the elections were free and fair.