Washington, Ta. 9. Wednesday, February 2022

Locals are outraged by the decision to demolish a historic bridge in the Dutch city of Rotterdam for the supremacy of one of the world’s richest men and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The verdict means that 48.48 million luxury yachts can pass under the bridge. On the other hand, locals have decided to throw eggs at Jeff Bezos’s super yachts in case the bridge is toppled.

The Bezos domination is being built in the Netherlands, when the Rotterdam Bridge was built in 1878 and boats could not pass under it.

The bridge was destroyed in 1940 by the Nazis in World War II bombings. It was rebuilt and is now being planned by the local council.

People in Rotterdam are expressing their discontent on social media. 4,000 have said yes and another 13,600 have expressed interest in participating in the egg-throwing event on the yacht.

“We are going to organize this event so that our protest can reach the government,” Pablo Strowman said.

The historic bridge, known as De Haif, is 150 feet high, and there are plans to demolish the middle section to allow Bezos’s yacht to pass beneath.