6,53,120 new cases of corona in America, 4040 deaths

Internal complaint against Huna director’s racist attitude in Manila

Scientists in Britain have only 51 . developed corona test kit in

WASHINGTON: The UK has been exempted from wearing a mask and showing a COVID pass after a drop in the number of micron cases. The government last week exempted people from working at home.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said, “We are learning to live with corona and we need to make it clear that corona virus is not going anywhere.” Wearing a face mask and showing a COVID pass is no longer required to enter public events or nightclubs in England from Thursday.

The health official said that 84 percent of people above the age of 12 years have been given the second dose of corona vaccine and 81 percent have been given a booster dose. Around the new year around one lakh cases are being registered daily as against two lakh cases being registered daily. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the country is at the peak of Omicron infection.

Meanwhile, 6,53,120 new cases of corona were reported in the US and 4,040 deaths occurred. The total number of corona cases in America is 72,910,136 and the death toll is 8,76,065, while in Russia 88,816 new cases of corona were reported and 665 deaths occurred. There were 48,627 new cases of corona in Mexico and 532 deaths. There were 46,195 new cases of corona in Australia and 59 deaths.

On the other hand, the Director of the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization in Manila has been accused of being racist and immoral in the Philippines. The matter was the subject of an internal complaint in October, and an e-mail complaint was filed by Huna’s concerned employees again last week.

The email complaint against Dr. Takeshi Kasai, director of Western Pacific, was written by 30 employees and is believed to have described the experiences of 50 people. Butcher appears to have used racist language in completing records obtained by the Associated Press news agency.

Due to the harsh behavior of the butcher, 55 key employees have left the organization in the last one and a half years and their posts are yet to be filled. However, Dr. Butcher denied any wrongdoing. “After receiving the email, I have taken steps to contact all of our employees,” he said. Meanwhile, scientists in the UK have developed corona tests called lab-in-back packs.

The test of this small lab made at a cost of just 51 is found to be as accurate as the commercially available corona test. This test is likely to be more useful in remote areas of poor countries. Professor Stoyan Smukov from Queen Mary University in London said mobile testing could help make testing technology affordable for all.