To see what tasks you have pending, you can choose to write them down on paper, use a tasks app, or many other possibilities at your fingertips. The last one is a bit of a mixture of the two: set your pending tasks as your mobile wallpaper.

That’s exactly what Walto brings you, a simple to-do app that generates an updated wallpaper with the tasks you have pending and those you have completed. This is not a live wallpaper, but a normal wallpaper: if you want to mark tasks, you have to open the app.

Your tasks, always in the background

The “bad” thing about task apps is that you have to open them to see what you have to do. The alternative between this and sticking a post-it on your mobile is to use Walto, which is an app that generates a wallpaper with your pending tasks.

The app is extremely straightforward and the truth is, it doesn’t give you too many customization options just yet. You have to choose between one of the five available backgrounds and then add your tasks just like you would in any similar app.

The app has a nice design and lets you rearrange the tasks on the list, but otherwise there isn’t much else to do. When your tasks are ready, you just need to press the button and the wallpaper will be generated. Every time you make a change – for example, if you mark a task as complete – you need to regenerate it.

The app is at least curious, especially if you have something really important that you want to be clearly visible. Of course it is still a little green so sometimes it generates the wallpaper at the wrong size. We will have to wait for the next versions to have a more successful app.

Walto: simple to-do list as a wallpaper