The HomePod mini did what the original HomePod couldn’t: be popular. It’s (relatively) inexpensive, it has very good sound quality, and it’s one of the best devices for interacting with Siri while you’re at home. Integration is absolute when you use it with Apple Music, but that changes when the music service you subscribe to is Spotify.

This service still uses AirPlay 1 with Apple devices and does not natively support HomePod like Apple Music or Amazon Music. But the main problem is that this situation has not changed for many months, and this is something that is starting to be noticed in the Spotify support forums.

“They behave like children”

MacRumors was the one to mirror this frustration by showing that the number of complaints isn’t exactly small, with examples of people calling the service “pathetic” or confirming they will opt out after activating Apple’s free trials. Music.

Criticism escalates when it is mentioned that even months after the law backed Spotify in its crusade to open up Apple devices, the service hasn’t made any changes. “They behave like children” is one of the sweetest examples I can give.

There is also no official announcement on whether this will change, which has further encouraged such complaints. My colleague Jose García from Xataka is in the same situation and understands the frustration that Spotify users can have, even if for him it does not represent a problem or does not make him think of changing the service.

This is my case too, and while that doesn’t suppose anything bothers me, I am thinking of switching services in a few months (when an annual subscription I paid to Apple TV + ends) if the situation does not go away. not improve and opt for an Apple One plan. If you are also in a similar situation, feel free to give your opinion in the comments.