As the Apple Car gets closer, Apple is filing more and more patents on this supposed self-driving car. This time we are talking about a patent related to the vehicle’s sunroof, a feature that, like many others in this car, Apple will implement with a rather ingenious solution.

Little things that make the difference

The patent, collected by MotorTrend, shows us a sunroof system with adjustable transparency glass. A system that could well use automation powered by different sensors so that the driver can forget about it.

The patent also describes how the sunroof opens, which we currently don’t see on vehicles with light-adaptive glass technology. One more detail that makes it a most interesting car.

Overall, this patent could allow us to decide whether to let more or less sun into the cabin without having to resort to physically opening the roof, which we could also do to let air in without resorting at the windows. However, as we always comment on the subject of patents, and even more so when it comes to a product like the Apple Car, their registration is not proof that we are going to see this technology.

What’s striking about this patent is how specific it is in terms of car, chassis, and non-vital aspects in a vehicle, suggesting that Apple is already focusing its research on accessories and technologies of an advanced state of development.

Picture | JD Weiher