Parking restrictions for July 3, 2015

The Plymouth Police Department has issued parking restrictions for Manomet on July 3.

Traffic on Taylor Avenue will be blocked to all traffic with the exception of residents between White Horse Road and Rocky Hill Road  to Taylor Avenue at Manomet Point Road beginning at 6 p.m. on July 3 and remained closed as deemed necessary.

All side streets that lead to the Priscilla Beach area will also be closed to all traffic with the exception of residents also beginning at 6 p.m.

There will be no parking along both sides of Manomet Point Road, Highland Terrace, White Horse Beach Road, Manomet Avenue, Old Beach Road, and Rocky Hill Road between White Horse Beach Road and Power House Road all day long on July 3.

There will also be no parking on both sides of the following locations : Brian’s Way, Lopresti Road, Vine Brook Road, Cary Road, Fair Oaks Road, Arboretum Road, Emerson Field, Saint Catherine’s Chapel Park, Second Church, Beaver Dam Road from State Road to Patriot’s Circle, as well as the Manomet Elementary school.

There will be additional parking restrictions on Melix Avenue, Cape Cod Avenue, and Reed Avenue.

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