Parking fee hike proposed for White Horse Beach

It’s an idea that’s been kicked around as a potential tool in the battle against illegal parking at White Horse Beach and now it may become a reality.

Town officials will propose at this spring’s Town Meeting to create a special parking district at White Horse Beach, Assistant Town Manager Derek Brindisi told residents at a meeting Wednesday night at the Plymouth Public Library. Fine in the new parking district would be up to $50, the maximum allowed by state law, he said.  The typical parking fine in Plymouth is $15, which has proven to be little deterrent to visitors looking to spend a day at the beach.

According to Brindisi, after some research, town officials found that other communities, like Boston, had created separate parking districts to deal with problem areas. The idea of increasing parking fines in White Horse Beach was one of the ideas put forward by the White Horse Beach Parking Study Committee.

While those in attendance generally liked the idea, many felt there were some details that need to be worked out. Parking on the side streets coming up from Taylor Avenue, for example. Many of those roads seem to allow parking on both sides, despite their narrowness. Brindis said that Fire Chief Ed Bradley had expressed concern about that.  “Signage is key,” said resident Alice Baker. The town did put up new parking signs along Taylor Avenue last year.

Some people, resident Kevin Doyle, put cones in front of their homes to prevent visitors from parking, “That could cause headaches for the cops,” he said. He added that some more study of where parking was allowed was needed.

Randy Parker, who called the idea a good one that could be refined later, suggested that any money collected should be placed into the Manomet Revolving Parking Fund and used for local projects. The fund, like similar funds created for the other village centers, has never been funded.

The area covered by the new parking district would run the length of Taylor Avenue, go up into Manomet Point and extend into Manomet Heights. Some residents suggested that it be expanded to include the Arboretum Road area.

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