Parallels Desktop version 16.5 now supports Windows virtualization on M1 processor Macs

If you are a Mac user, you are probably familiar with Parallels Desktop. It is the solution that allows you to run Windows operating system on macOS computer using virtualization. A possibility so far possible but far from the reach of new Macs with an M1 processor.

Something that has changed with the latest update released by the company responsible for Parallels Desktop. Now, thanks to Parallels Desktop 16.5, owners of a Mac with a silicon chip will also be able to virtualize copies of Windows on their computers.

Windows 10 is coming to Macs with M1

The new Mac with an M1 core, as well as the new models that are to come and do so based on ARM instead of Intel, will be able to virtualize the Windows 10 operating system, although they must use the version compatible with the processors. ARM. There are also a series of limitations listed by Microsoft that should be taken into account and for example it is not possible to run 64 bit (x64) applications and usage is limited to 64 bit (ARM64), 32 bit (ARM32) and 32 bit (x86) applications.

You can now run Windows 10 on these computers with native support and therefore run all Windows apps. In fact, the company claims to have improved performance and that running Windows 10 in a virtual machine on a Mac M1 achieves up to 30% more performance compared to a MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i9. .

They also claim that Parallels Desktop 16.5 uses 2.5 times less power on a MacBook with SoC M1 compared to the same laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor, in this case a MacBook Air. Improvements that also reach games, where 60% more performance with DirectX 11 is expected on a MacBook Pro with M1 compared to the same model with Intel processor and an AMD Radeon Pro 55x GPU.

The new version of Parallels Desktop can also be used with various popular ARM-based distributions such as Ubuntu 20.04, Kali Linux 2021.1, Debian 10.7, and Fedora Workstation 33-1.2.

Parallels Desktop comes with free Parallels Access and Parallels Toolbox, both supported by Apple’s M1, and is available for $ 79.99 for a one-year subscription or $ 99.99 for a one-time purchase. .

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