PCR test to detect Covid-19 infection. | Photo: Hully Paiva / SMCS

Paraguayan Health Surveillance Director Guillermo Sequera announced this Saturday (17) that from next week a five-day quarantine will be required for all people arriving in the country in order to prevent the entry of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The measure will take effect from next Wednesday (21). A negative PCR test will also be required after five days, in addition to the same test that is required on arrival in the country. Sequera confirmed during a press conference that the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, had given the green light for the implementation of the protocol.

“We have had the president’s approval for the five-day home quarantine requirement for anyone coming from any country, not just the United States and Brazil, but anyone entering through the country. ‘airport,’ said the director of health surveillance, recalling that the delta variant is present in European countries and in the north of the American continent. Paraguay has so far accumulated 14,178 deaths from Covid-19 and 443,378 coronavirus infections since March 2020, when the country’s first case was detected.