When it comes to talking about efficiency and energy saving, we quickly think of photovoltaic solar panels, capable of capturing the sun’s energy and transforming it into electricity that we can use directly or store in batteries. for later use when, for example, there are clouds. . or is it at night.

These battery-based electrical storage facilities have traditionally been characterized by expensive and complex systems requiring large spaces and unpleasant aesthetics, although there are more and more manufacturers betting on integrating the latest technologies to reduce their size and with a careful design.

This is for example the case of Tesla Powerwalls which have not had much distribution on our continent and now it will also be with the arrival of the new Panasonic bet with its EverVolt 2.0 systems.

This is an evolution of the manufacturer’s previous EverVolt gear that now offers a more futuristic look, with stylized lines, clean, minimalist colors and shapes, but hidden inside a system. very powerful battery designed for self-supplying medium and large homes.

With up to 7.6 KW of power and a capacity of 25.65 KWh

Concretely, according to the first data provided by the manufacturer, EverVolt 2.0 can provide an electrical power of up to 7.6 KW when it is disconnected from the electrical network, for example in self-sufficient installations or during a power outage and up to 9.6 KW when we are connected to the network.

Regarding storage capacities, two options will be offered, one with 17.1 KWh and another more powerful with 25.65 KWh for each system, with the possibility of having several systems in parallel. In addition, it can work with new or old solar panel installations and comes with its own inverter with all IP55 certified equipment to be able to be installed outdoors.

Although Panasonic has not yet given much more details on this interesting product, it has indicated that we can connect solar panels up to 12 KW to it, it will have a new control application for mobile phones with a Improved interface to make it easier for the user to manage its consumption and the power storage as well as the battery will be offered with an optional color LCD screen to more directly monitor its status.

Pricing and availability

As of yet, Panasonic has not provided more information on EverVolt 2.0, pricing, or sales dates, although it is already showing up on the brand’s website in case we want to throw it away. an eye.

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