Lack of adequate trained staff, hence the possibility of disturbances in testing: Pathology Professor Saeed Khai

Islamabad: 80 percent of the test kits imported from abroad in Pakistan are substandard, so it is not possible to get accurate results.

Not only this, there is no formal national policy in the country to deal with the COVID-12 pandemic, and the personnel testing for diseases like Corona Delta or Amicron are also poorly trained. There is only a shortage of trained staff. Professor Saeed Khan, of the Department of Pathology at the Uza campus of Doha University, said there is a possibility of disturbances in testing as well.

Pro. Showing error in test. “If a patient’s sputum is sampled and then placed in a sunny or warm place, the result will be radically different,” Saeed said. However, some of the larger hospitals in the U.S. Uses high-quality kits approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but in smaller hospitals or private hospitals, the most unreliable kits are used.

Regarding the fact that Pakistan imports Covid-18 diagnostic kits from China, Turkey and the US and some European countries, Professor Khan said that in fact, the kits which are considered unacceptable by the US (FDA) are not used. should be done. Pakistan reported the highest number of Kovid cases on Friday while a comprehensive national policy should be prepared for their Kovid-12 and its fungi, such as Delta and Amicron variants.