Lahore, Ta. Saturday 29 January 2022

In the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province, a 14-year-old man allegedly shot dead his entire family, including his mother and two minor sisters, while intoxicated with the online game PUBG. Nahid Mubarak, 45, a health worker, was found dead last week in Lahore’s Kehna area along with his 22-year-old son Taimur and two daughters aged 17 and 11.

Police said in a statement that the teenage son of the woman turned out to be the killer and is now the only survivor in his family. Police further said that the Adi youth of PUBG confessed that he had killed his mother and siblings while intoxicated with the game. Playing online games for long hours of the day has caused him some psychological problems.

Mother and three siblings shot dead in their sleep

Police said Nahid was a divorcee and often reprimanded the youth for not concentrating on his studies and spending most of his time playing PUBG. Police said that even on the day of the incident, Nahid had reprimanded the youth for this. Later, the youth took out his mother’s pistol from the safe and shot three other siblings who were sleeping.