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Otani, triumphant return match or Angels witnesses the opening game plan in Japan in 2023, dual wield

The Los Angeles local newspaper Orange County Register reports that the Angels, to which Shohei Ohtani (27) belongs, are planning to hold the opening game in Japan as early as 2023. Japanese fans will be able to witness the triumphant return of Otani, who has become a major dual wield.

The newspaper said on the 13th (14th Japan time), “The Major League Baseball (MLB) is also planning an expedition match in Japan, which means that the Angels will come to Japan. Manfred Major League Baseball. According to the commissioner, MLB is already in talks for an expedition to Japan and will happen as early as 2023. “

Of course, the Angels are listed as candidates for Japan because of Otani. MLB has been successful in management by promoting internationalization.

The newspaper said, “Given Otani’s popularity, it’s best for the Angels to go on an expedition. The opponent hasn’t been decided. According to people familiar with the matter, Athletics and the Mariners played the opening game in Tokyo in 2019. The Angels have considered going to Japan. ” So far, Hideki Matsui (Yankees) in 2004, Daisuke Matsuzaka (Red Sox, now Seibu) in 2008, and Ichiro (Mariners) in 2012 and 19 have made a triumphant return.