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Otani, 161km at a high speed US enthusiastic about the historic dual wield at the US ball feast First time slashing three smashers (1/3 page) Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani (27) of the Angels, who was selected for the first time in history by the two-sword style of pitching, was held in the American League All-Star Game on the 13th (14th Japan time) at Quars Field in Denver, Colorado. He participated in the league as the “No. 1 designated hitter” and starting pitcher. The first turn at bat is second base. As a pitcher, he used a 100-mile (161 km) fastball to reduce the number of times to a trio. The dual wield, which was said to be unrealizable in the major leagues, brilliantly decorated the US ball feast and was engraved in the history of the ball for the first time.

The match began with the American League first after a memorial ceremony for Hank Aaron (86 years old), who hit a total of 755 home runs in the second place in the history of the American League, who died in January.

In the loud cheers, Otani, dressed in a navy blue uniform, went to the turn at bat. He played against Scherzer (Nationals), the starting pitcher of the National League. He has won a total of 182 wins in 2016 and 2017 when he won the Cy Young Award (Best Pitcher Award).

Aiming for the first ball, he aggressively swung a 96-mile (154 km) fastball, but fouled. The second cut ball was also bitterly caught with a swing aimed at home runs, but was blocked by the good defense of the master Frazier (Pirates) and fell to the second base grounder.

Behind the scenes, Otani goes to the mound. The recipient is the veteran catcher Perez (Royals). I played against the star players in the National League.

No. 1 is Tatis Jr., a 22-year-old big star named alongside Otani. (Padres). Although he is a shortstop, he has hit 28 home runs at the top of the National League and has just signed a 14-year contract totaling 340 million dollars (about 35.7 billion yen). The first ball was a 96-mile (154 km) straight ball and fouled. From 1 ball and 2 strikes, I shot to the left with the slider on the outside angle.