With Organic Maps, you have a great map application that not only shows your location and how to get to places by car, but also offers directions for walking, public transport and cycling; as well as downloading all the information to use Organic Maps without Internet. And the app is open source.

As there are dozens of alternatives, you might as well think about maps and GPS navigation so that the ubiquitous Google Maps comes to mind. It is true that it is one of the best options, especially when you only consider free software. However, how about using an open source alternative, which does not track down the user and, in addition, allows you to download all the maps to your cell phone? It exists, it is called Organic Maps.

Routes and maps without advertising, without tracking and without tracking

The team behind Organic Maps is committed to respecting user privacy. As a result, the app refrains from tracking the user, doesn’t collect data, lacks ads, doesn’t have in-app purchases, and most importantly, all of the code is Open Source. On top of that, Organic Maps works great, even when plotting point-to-point routes.

The app uses OpenStreetMap maps. Its style is quite similar to Maps.me, although Organic Maps is completely devoid of trackers. It allows you to trace routes from one point to another; These routes can be done by car, on foot, by bicycle or by public transport; Organic Maps offers voice guidance and even advanced options, such as speed cameras; It also includes remarkable information on cycling and walking routes.

Organic Maps is more limited than Google Maps, that’s obvious, but it doesn’t lose its possibilities as a GPS navigation app. It even offers points of interest or POIs: it is possible to find nearby restaurants, hotels, ATMs, petrol stations … with their exact address on the map.

It is a great alternative to more popular apps. And, despite the fact that it is logically more contained in the functions, it amply covers the most basic; such as map location, point-to-point GPS guidance and location of nearby establishments. In addition, Organic Maps allows you to share addresses and, above all, to download the complete maps to your mobile.

You can download Organic Maps for free on your phone just by going to Google Play. This is a great recommendation if you want to stay away from Google or just want a GPS app that works all the time, even if you lose your internet connection. It is worth a try.

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