It is more and more common to see devices with foldable screens arriving from mobile phone manufacturers, and it is possible that in a few years this will be completely normal behavior. Folding screens are gaining ground and there are already several brands that have at least one proposal in circulation. OPPO is one of them.

OPPO is called OPPO Find N and is part of the group of phones that fold out to become mini tablets. Now, according to a leak from 91mobiles, at OPPO they are developing a foldable to join the other group, that of foldables that close in the middle to mimic regular cellphones with a shell. A kind of ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ signed OPPO.

A flip-like flip cheaper than the Z Flip3

They say from 91mobiles that they received the information through user @stufflistings, one of the leakers who usually provides information to German media. The information speaks, as we said, of OPPO’s plans to develop a mobile phone with a folding screen and a mobile cover format, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, the Huawei P50 Pocket or the Motorola Razr, among other models which is also in circulation.

No se especifica si hablaríamos de una segunda generación del actual OPPO Find N, por lo que no lo veríamos llegar hasta algún momento ya avanzado este mismo año o ya del próximo, o si convertía en un lanzamiento independent que pudiéramos ver llegar dentro de relativamente not much time. In principle, and unless otherwise informed, we will consider that it will be a terminal that will arrive in 2022.

The information underlined by the lessor also adds something to the price, although it does not put numbers on the table. It only mentions that this OPPO Find with a folding screen type cover should arrive on the market at a lower price than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, and the Korean phone has arrived in stores, at least in Spain, at the price of 1 059 euros for its version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. We will closely follow this folding future of OPPO.

Through | 91mobiles