OnePlus and OPPO have never been completely different companies. Above the two was BBK, a Chinese conglomerate that also does the same with other brands such as Vivo. Not so long ago, in fact, since to know in advance what the design of the new OnePlus was, it was enough to look at the design of the latest top-of-the-range OPPO.

But for users, OPPO and OnePlus have always given the image of operating separately, even offering differentiating layers. ColorOS for the first and OxygenOS for the second (after some changes). But it seems that it is about to end and ColorOS and OxygenOS will merge with the arrival of Android 13. OPPO and OnePlus will be released with the same layer.

Unified Layer for OPPO and OnePlus on Android 13

The information comes exclusively from MySmartPrice, a well-known technological support in these leaky waters. It indicates that although OnePlus has already replaced its diaper in China, it will soon do the same for the international market and OxygenOS will say goodbye to a few years of history.

According to MySmartPrice, OPPO and OnePlus are already working together to create a personalization layer for Android 13 that incorporates the best of the current layers, OxygenOS and ColorOS. Although we can’t take anything for granted since we are talking about previous leaks, this layer is currently called UnifiedOS, although other names such as H20OS sound like.

Until now, it was rumored that the OnePlus 10 Pro could go international sometime in March, and it’s started to get people talking about the possibility of it coming with this UnifiedOS. But recent reports seem to confirm that the OnePlus 10 Pro will hit the international market still with OxygenOS.

In fact, this unified layer is said to be waiting for Android 13 to launch, which would put it in the second half of the year. As Google usually releases its systems permanently around August, that would be when OnePlus and OPPO would unveil their new layer and join the beta program. We’ll see what happens eventually.

Through | MySmartPrice