Film buffs were able to enjoy a very special open-air cinema in Pforzheim: in the middle of the motorway. The “25 km / h” road movie was projected onto the 15-meter wide cinema screen.

Pforzheim (dpa) – 500 moviegoers enjoyed a very special open-air cinema on Saturday: in the middle of the highway. Due to demolition work on a bridge over the A8 near Pforzheim, the road was closed this weekend.

The southwest branch of the Federal Government’s Autobahn GmbH used it in cooperation with the municipal cinema in Pforzheim and showed the road movie “25 km / h” with Bjarne Mädel and Lars Eidinger in the lead roles – including popcorn and beverage sales. The seats were arranged in three tracks. A branch spokesperson announced in advance that all tickets sold out within 90 minutes. Before the start, the spectators danced in their seats to the music of the group SWR1.

In the future, the A8 will be extended to six lanes over a length of 4.8 kilometers, including ten bridges and underpasses as well as noise protection measures. The Enztalquerung is currently one of the largest infrastructure projects in Baden-Württemberg. The audience got to know more about it in the opening credits.

The 2018 film was then screened, in which two brothers reunite after 30 years at their father’s funeral. You decide to take a moped ride from the Black Forest to Rügen – constantly at 25 km / h.

This is not the first pop-up cinema on a motorway: six years ago the film festival “FilmSchauPlätze” in North Rhine-Westphalia used a construction site on the A44 near Heiligenhaus (district of Mettmann) and transformed the highway into an open-air cinema.