Kabul, Dte

Even before the formation of the new government in Afghanistan, the Taliban have made it clear that women must wear the veil under their rule. The Taliban have also warned the US not to interfere in their culture. The Taliban’s stance has raised concerns in the international community about women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shahi strongly opposed the West’s approach to women wearing the veil. A Taliban spokesman said the United States and Western countries should not interfere in our culture. However, Shahi explained that the world’s concern about women’s rights and their safety is because they remember the old Taliban regime. However, this time there will be no problem regarding women’s rights. In Afghanistan, there will be no problem with women’s education or their jobs. The only condition is that women should wear a veil.

Shaheen said that no other country has the right to change our culture. Any country should respect the culture of another country. Try not to interfere or change each other’s culture. We will not change. We have no intention of changing our culture. In our culture, women are allowed to receive education by wearing a veil. They can also work wearing a veil.