Despite the fact that the arrival of Windows 11 focuses attention on what is currently Microsoft, many users remain in previous versions of the operating system. Many on Windows 10 and below, but they also continue to use computers with Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.X, versions that in a few months will lose compatibility with OneDrive.

Computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.X will lose support for Microsoft cloud storage. It will be from March 1 of next year that this service will stop synchronizing with the cloud in these operating systems.

OneDrive only from the web version

It was Ankita Kirti, director of product marketing at Microsoft, who made the news public via one of the company’s forums. Windows 7, Windows 8, and 8.X computers will stop syncing with the OneDrive cloud from March 2022 if the desktop version is used.

This is the end date, March 1, 2022, but the change will begin earlier. As of January 1, 2022, these operating systems will no longer have updates for desktop versions of OneDrive.

This is not to say that computers with one of these versions of Windows cannot use cloud storage. OneDrive will only remain accessible now, it will be necessary to use the web version, as the desktop app will stop working. This way, you can continue to download and manage all OneDrive files.

Microsoft’s argument that serves as the basis for this change is that the company wants to “focus its resources on new technologies and operating systems”, in addition to “providing users with the safest and most efficient experience. up to date possible ”.

What is certain is that Windows 11 as well as the new version of Office or solutions like Office 365 focus more attention of the company and on them as well as on more current tools on which they want to focus their attention. resources.

Microsoft advises, now and always, to have the most recent version of Windows, not only for compatibility, but also for security, and takes the opportunity to urge those who still use one of these versions of Windows, to put update the operating system of their teams.

As a nuance, Microsoft announced that in the case of OneDrive for business users, the end of support for the desktop version of OneDrive will coincide with the end of support for the operating system being used.

Via | Microsoft