When we talk about Vivaldi we are referring to one of the most versatile and powerful mobile browsers we can find in the Google Play Store for Android. The browser has been updated for some time with improvements of different depth and now it is moving to version 5.1 welcoming new themes and tab changes, as well as adding performance improvements for tablets and Chromebooks .

Although it could be considered a minor release, despite the number jump, in Vivaldi 5.1 we find a more customizable browser that optimizes resources in order to have many open tabs, which usually happens regularly since applications open new tabs in our browser with each request.

More aesthetic, customizable and better optimized

One of the points that the new Vivaldi 5.1 for Android affects is the optimization of system resources when we have many tabs open. Something that’s relatively common in mobile browsers means the phone now suffers less by optimizing memory consumption, so a speed boost should be appreciated in those cases.

When it comes to browser customization, Vivaldi 5.1 for Android adds an option to change the minimum tab width. We just have to go to Settings > Tab to decide on the minimum width we want them to have, so that we can determine how much text in the title of each tab we want to be able to see, and thus move more easily between open tabs.

And speaking of purely aesthetic aspect and not usability, Vivaldi 5.1 brings new themes to Android so that we can have the browser to our liking. With the new version we have four new predefined colors and the option to choose a custom color for our browser design. This option can be found in Settings > Appearance > Theme.

Vivaldi – fast browser with ad blocking