One more thing … How to mute iPhone camera, folding screens, Google telecommuting and more

Another week full of interesting news. In Applesfera, we explained to you, for example, how to download the COVID certificate directly to our iPhone wallet or how AirTag can help recover stolen items. And there is still a lot to tell, in fact there is one more thing …

We start with a very interesting tutorial: How to mute the sound of the iPhone camera. A resource that will be very useful in more than one museum or exhibition. We continue with the folding screens, after the recent announcements from Samsung, we will see how the bet plays out. Teleworking at Google is expensive, the Mountain View giant will cut wages by up to 25% for employees who do not go to the office. Facebook must get rid of Giphy, this is what the British authorities say, who consider this purchase “a threat to competition”. Be warned against FlyTrap, a malware that steals your Facebook account and has already racked up thousands of cases in over 140 countries. Netflix blocks VPNs and, by mistake, thousands of IP addresses from users who don’t use VPNs and can’t access the service they’re paying for. All the news of the fifth beta of iOS 15 summarized in a short video on the MacRumors channel.

And we meet on the 9to5mac channel where they analyze in depth the new MagSafe Battery Pack.

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