One more thing … change the PIN code of the iPhone SIM, delete messages on WhatsApp, from macOS to Windows 10 and more

With about a month before Apple launches the new iPhone 13s, or at least sends out invitations to their event, the Apple world is still in turmoil. Yesterday we took a look at what new measures Apple will be implementing to protect minors or how to check if an iPhone has been infected with Pegasus. And there is one more thing, there is one more thing …

We start today at Apple with a very useful tutorial: how to change or deactivate the SIM PIN code of our iPhone. Ideal if we have changed operator or received a new SIM card. We are still at Engadget, where they tell us everything we know about the new digital Euro. Also in Engadget, tell us about the new Google Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam with battery, interesting devices for home monitoring. On Genbeta, they echo Twitch’s price changes, a concern for many streamers. They also tell us how we can send the new videos and photos that disappear in WhatsApp, which we can do both from the web and from the desktop. This while Facebook is looking for ways to analyze our encrypted WhatsApp conversations to improve its ad revenue. We stay at Genbeta to confirm that yes, there are business aspects involved in the music that Spotify recommends. Our colleague Antonio Sab├ín explains his transition from macOS to Windows 10, with everything he liked and not on the change of systems. And we find ourselves on the MacRumors YouTube channel, where they briefly tell us everything there is to know about the future Pixel 6 and the new Google Tensor processor.

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