3,71,447 new cases of corona in America, 4154 deaths

Turkish President Erdogan got corona

Washington: The total number of people who died of corona in America has crossed 9 million, in which 4,154 people have died with 3,151 new cases of corona. Two months ago, the death toll from Corona was 80 lakhs.

The rapid spread of Omicron infection crossed nine lakhs in two months. Meanwhile, in Russia, 1,77,282 new cases of corona were reported and 714 deaths occurred. Dr. Ashish K, Dean, School of Public Health, Brown University. Zhao said that this figure is huge.

If you had told an American two years ago that nine million people would die from the pandemic, no one would have listened to you. Now the number of corona cases in America is declining. The death toll is currently equivalent to 2400 deaths per day throughout the winter.

Meanwhile, according to the US Department of Labor, 4,67,000 jobs have been added in the US despite the reversal of the Omicron wave. Meanwhile, in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has got corona. Erdogan, 67, said his wife and I had been infected with the Omicron version of the coronavirus.

We are working from home. “We want people to pray for us,” said the president, opening the tunnel via a video channel from Istanbul. 111157 corona cases have been reported in Turkey. In December, the Omicron variant caused 20,000 cases daily in Turkey. On Friday, 248 people died.