Despite the fact that the mobile market undergoes a lot of fluctuations over time, the truth is that each manufacturer’s sales curve is easily traceable except in the case of “accidents” like that of Huawei, wiped from the map after the blockade. American. . That is why it was foreseeable that Xiaomi would occupy leading positions in different markets thanks to its progression in the previous years.

The growth of the Chinese firm has been a remarkable fact for years and although there are already several sources that place it in second place in the world, in Europe Xiaomi has positioned itself as a leader. This is what Strategy Analytics, the consulting firm which puts in black and white the 25.3% share of Xiaomi in Europe with a remarkable growth of 67% compared to the previous year.

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Xiaomi overtakes Samsung and moves further away from Apple

Strategy Analytics expects that the second quarter of this 2021, which ended at the end of June, resulted in 12.7 million terminals “sent” by Xiaomi. Consultants rarely speak of sales as such, which is the responsibility of the manufacturers themselves in their presentation of the figures, and they generally refer to “shipments”, a somewhat less precise number which tends to agree with official data.

These 12.7 million phones allowed Xiaomi to gain 25.3% of the European market, overtaking Samsung which ended up with 12 million terminals and a share of 24% over the quarter. Looking at the growth, you can see an increase of 67.1% for Xiaomi in one year compared to a slight decrease of 7% for South Koreans.

Behind these two brands we find Apple with 9.6 million iPhones and a 19.2% share on the continent, also growing, and we have OPPO (2.8 million, 5.6%) and Realme ( 1.9 million, 3.8%) just behind and closing the Top 5 brands on the old continent. The rest of the market, as can be seen grouped under ‘Others’, declined 20.1% in sales to end the quarter with 11.1 million terminals sold.

With this peak in the European market, Xiaomi thus achieves a great quarter, also climbing to the second place in the world and anticipating that the fight with Samsung will be tough to win this podium as well. The European market closed the quarter with 50.1 million terminals sold, 14.4% more than the same quarter last year and showing a recovery after several years of decline. We will see if the processor crisis changes these numbers in the coming months.

Via | Android Authority