When looking for a launcher for Android, the same names keep coming up: Nova, Action Launcher, Lawnchair and company. If none of them satisfy you, you can try Omega Launcher, an open source Lawnchair-based launcher that is highly customizable and functional, although it has not yet reached version 1.0.

For a virtually unknown launcher, Omega Launcher includes everything we would expect from a launcher and more, with a plethora of customization options so you can leave it exactly the way you like it.

A young and customizable launcher

If you are looking for a new launcher for your mobile and are fed up with the usual suspects, Omega Launcher is an option to consider. Of course, you won’t find it on Google Play, so you have to install it by downloading its APK, which is available both on Github and on the official Telegram channel.

Omega Launcher is completely free, open source and is based on the code of the great Lawnchair launcher, from which it inherits the appearance and functions, on which are added some extras. This means it starts from the foundation of a high performing launcher, with everything we expect from a launcher including a modern look and good performance.

Omega Launcher includes a good number of customization options, in which you can adjust its appearance and operation. For example, you can sort the app drawer by five different concepts, including the color of the icons. All this in addition to adjusting the rows and columns, the size of the icons and the possibility of adding a line of suggestions at the top, among others.

It is also possible to integrate the launcher with the Google application (or others), as well as to configure the default search engine, with a large number of options available. Personalization also applies to the dock, where you can add up to nine icons, and to the desktop, where you can enable widget overlay.

Omega Launcher supports dark mode and lets you create a simple theme by choosing a color. The icons can also be to your liking, both by installing an icon pack and choosing the shape. There aren’t as many shapes available as in Nova (six in total), but you can choose to override the white background color of the generated icons.

Omega Launcher includes a single widget, with which you can launch specific actions. One of those actions can be launching Dash, a customizable, on-screen overlay quick action panel, with which you can always have a few tweaks at your fingertips.

Dashboard and notification point settings

There is also gesture support, with which you can assign actions like putting the mobile to sleep, opening a specific app or showing notifications to gestures like double tap or multiple swipes.

Omega Launcher is still a “young” launcher, especially compared to heavyweights like Nova Launcher, so some new features are still planned for future releases, and there may be some issues. However, it’s pretty stable and all the basics are there. Unless you prefer the side-scrolling app drawer, which isn’t ready yet.

Omega Launcher