A few days before the start of the Olympic Games, skateboarding enthusiasts are celebrating that the sport is finally an Olympic sport. In that same celebration, the developers of Alto’s Odyssey announced a new city in their popular game Skate City: Tokyo

Tokyo City arrives at Skate City

The popular Apple Skate City arcade game, in which we get on a skateboard to slide through different big cities of the world, the Olympic city receives so that we can perform our tricks and pirouettes in its streets. As we will see in the trailer for this new level, the development team has carefully studied the city of Tokyo to reproduce several iconic locations with maximum precision.

Skate parks in squares, streets, bridges and other places are given a very realistic depiction in Skate City. It’s the biggest city in the game to date and features 21 new challenges and 30 endless mode objectives. With a new soundtrack, new plates, clothes and accessories that this update will unlock will allow us, from home, to take a certain part in these Olympic Games.

“Over the past few years we’ve been looking for an interesting way to tie a real-world event to something we’re doing, but we never wanted to do something that didn’t make sense. When the Tokyo Games were announced, it was obvious to us. Skateboarding is going to be in the Olympics for the first time in history, which is a moment of triumph for the sport. We knew we had to be part of it. one way or another. ”- Ryan Cash, Snowman co-founder

It is clear that the business model of Apple Arcade allows, in addition to the arrival of great classics on the platform, that they update, improve, grow and offer us more. This Skate City update will be available on July 23, just for the start of the Olympics.