The arms race between the US and China has intensified

we. Navy officials say a massive 40,000-pound explosion off the coast of Florida caused the ship to capsize.

BEIJING: US Navy aircraft carrier Gerald Ford managed to withstand a massive 20-tonne bombing at sea, implying that the aircraft carrier was successful in its tests, which caused an oil spill in China’s belly.

Defense Department experts said China had recently tried to intimidate countries around the world by threatening its killer missiles, but the successful test of the US ship would also lighten the threat of its missiles.

According to an official US Navy press release, the nuclear ship was tested last Sunday in the state of Florida, the second such test after June 18 and July 16.

US Navy officials detonated a massive 40,000-pound explosive device near the ship, intended to test the ship’s ability to withstand shock and the capability of the entire system.

Navy officials called the test successful. According to a report published on the US Naval Institute’s news portal USNI News, there were no reports of any major injuries, fire or flooding after the explosion.

“The ship suffered zero percent damage, and there are no reports of fire,” Gerald Ford’s commanding officer, Captain Paul Lanzilonta, told reporters on Monday.

The Chinese military has been keeping a close watch on our experiment since 2015, so China must have kept a close eye on the successful test last Sunday.

In 2015, China launched two highly lethal missiles, the DAP-21D and DF-26, with a range of up to 5,000 km, and Chen sought to make the missiles world-renowned as killer missiles.