With Android TV 12 around the corner, we see how most manufacturers continue with Android TV 9.0, hardly anyone has updated Android TV 10, and Nvidia will be no exception.

Nvidia confirmed a few weeks ago via its forum, and very silently, that its Shield TV and Shield TV Pro launched in 2019 will not upgrade to Android 10. The company in its press release explained the reasons for its decision.

Shield TV does not update to Android 10 because it barely offers changes

When Google launched Android 10, it didn’t pay much attention to its version for Android TV, offering little improvement. All of them were minimal changes that didn’t bring much news to a user, as what Google did was basically a minor update to Android TV 9.0. That’s why manufacturers haven’t gone to much trouble to update their TVs.

In the publication that the Nvidia staff made we can read precisely this reason with a message to reassure their customers:

SHIELD development is still in full swing, we just released not too long ago. Android 10 didn’t work for Android TV so we decided to skip it because the effort was heavy and there was no major impact for end users other than changing the version channel. Beyond that, we haven’t talked about our roadmap ahead of time, but I can tell you that there is still a lot of development going on in SHIELD.

As we can see, that Nvidia does not update its Nvidia Shield to Android 10 does not mean that they will not receive new updates. Nvidia reports that Shield’s development is continuing at a good pace as it has been so far, releasing a new update every few months, but that they are currently unable to move the next updates forward. up to date. Now we’ll have to wait and see if they upgrade from Android 9.0 to Android 11 or Android 12, since their latest models aren’t even two years old, and Nvidia has been updating the first generation of its consoles for five years.

Via | 9to5Google