At the beginning of January, we saw how Android 11 arrived on the Nvidia Shield. Improvements in the form of more refined Bluetooth audio, updated Steam navigation apps, a new virtual keyboard…but also a Plex-related issue. After the upgrade, users were complaining about how Plex works.

Now and a few days later, Nvidia decided to please those affected and released a new update for the Shield. An update that is not a traditional public update and is associated with version and fixes the Plex related issues that came with the move to Android 11.

Fixed a bug with Plex

The update to Android 11 version started rolling out this week and among the changes it offers are how this patch fixes bugs related to the Plex Media Server app and to external storage. This is reported by the company on the support website.

The issues with the Plex Media Server app and external storage arose with the move to Android 11. The penultimate version of Google’s operating system uses extended storage to improve privacy, a process that limits the number of directories they can access applications. This is one of the bugs fixed, but not the only one:

Fixes issues with the Plex Media Server app and external storage Fixes issues playing interlaced content Fixes CEC volume control that sometimes goes up and down excessively Removes the creation of default Android phone type folders (calls, downloads, photos, movies, etc.) added to USB portable storage Updates beta match refresh rate chain in all slots Removes thumbnail preview when taking screenshot with button Fixes an issue where a long press on the Brand button on the Xbox One controller does not summon Stadia more than once. Fixes IR volume control disabled when USB DACs are used

Plex was the main app affected but not the only one, as in similar circumstances there were also apps such as Kodi and VLC.

This is a special update, so to apply this fix you need to manually register on Nvidia’s website. Once installed on the device, there is no way to revert to a previous version. This is the step prior to the arrival of a public update that you will download via OTA in the traditional way.

Through | AndroidPolice