Google Assistant routines allow you to schedule Google Assistant and connected apps and devices to perform certain tasks when conditions are met. Until now, these tasks have been running one after the other, but you can now set a timeout.

You now have better control over Google Assistant routines, being able to set up a customizable pause between actions, which can last for several hours. This way you can make, for example, the lights to go out 2 hours after leaving the house or similar actions.

Take a break, Assistant

Google Assistant has added some extra setup in its routine editor that will give a lot of play if you’re trying to automate your home or mobile. It’s a simple change, but one that can make a big difference: being able to pause between actions.

You will find this function when editing a routine in the Assistant (in the settings of Assistant> Routines, by playing on an existing routine or by creating a new one), although it does not appear in all cases. When it does, you’ll see it at the bottom, in the Time Settings category.

By tapping this action, you can manually enter a time limit for the next action, from a few minutes to a few hours. After adding this delay to your routine, you will see a call sign in the action list to help you see where the break will be.

This is an action that will be very useful in specific cases and you can also add as many times as you want in the same routine, if you need a few breaks between actions. When running a routine with pauses, the wizard does not display any indication of a countdown or timeout.

Via | Android Central