iCloud for Windows has been updated to version 12.5 in which, as Apple itself explains, it is now possible to manage our passwords through iCloud Passwords. With the new update, iCloud adds full password management, being able to search through the ones we already have, update them, add new ones and more.

Until now, this management was only possible from macOS, where the iCloud Keychain is seamlessly integrated to manage our passwords. As of now, iCloud for Windows is embracing this possibility with the new update.

iCloud 12.5 for Windows brings password management

With the new iCloud update for Windows, version 12.5, comes the ability to manage passwords on our PC. This means that from this update it is possible to search our saved passwords, update them, create new ones and delete any login information that we don’t want.

With the new update, we can fully manage iCloud passwords from Windows

Any changes we make from iCloud Passwords for Windows will sync to the rest of the Apple devices we have, as the whole process works thanks to the corporate cloud.

The function passes through iCloud passwords, available from version 12 of iCloud for Windows and recently updated in this latest version 12.5. With this compilation, it is also possible to access our passwords in Microsoft Edge via a browser extension, to manage them later from iCloud Passwords. Compatibility with Chrome arrived last February, so now the feature is even more complete.

We can access the application from the Windows menu itself, opening up the possibility of managing everything related to our passwords. ICloud for Windows version 12.5 is now available and you can download it from the Windows app store itself.