PowerToys are in the news again and they are doing it thanks to the 0.45.0 version they just released. An update accessible directly from the tool and which brings a renewed aesthetic, clearly inspired by Windows 11, the operating system in which they are now integrated with more success.

An update in which, above all, the design change is striking, since it is the first to offer the aesthetics of Windows 11. In addition to this change, it also presents the classic improvements aimed at optimizing the operation and improving stability.

Now with a more current aesthetic

PowerToys already have version 0.45. You can update them from the same tool in the “Settings” section or if you haven’t installed them, by heading over to Github where you can download the latest version and see what’s new it provides.

The new design, the comparison of which you can see in the image above, as we say, takes the PowerToys to a new level. From the aesthetics they used, inspired by previous versions of Windows, they now inherit more current shapes, with rounded corners, new colors, new panels, icons now renewed with colors … Integrates perfectly into Windows 11 although the update can also be applied if you are using Windows 10.

If you haven’t heard of PowerToys until now, we’ll give you the background. It is an addition that made its first steps with Windows 95 and Windows XP but that after some time forgotten, they reappeared with the Windows 10 November 2019 update. PowerToys are a collection of applications or programs free that allow the user to add certain extras to the operating system in the form of new features with which to expand its possibilities.

PowerToys offer different tools to improve the usability of the operating system such as FancyZones to create custom grids to stack your windows, PowerToys Run to use as an alternative Windows launcher in the style of macOS Spotlight, add-ons for Explorer files, an add-on to remap buttons … as you can see, these are very useful options.