This Friday, August 27, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4, the first watches to use the new unified platform from Google and Samsung, goes on sale. The two companies have teamed up to give the Wear OS-based smartwatch ecosystem a big boost with the launch of Wear OS 3.

The first fruits of this union have already started to be felt this week. For example, Spotify which already lets you download music to Wear OS, and now we see how Google is finally launching YouTube Music for Wear OS, of course, exclusively for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

YouTube music for Wear OS 3

Google has anticipated the official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 so that, from the first minute, its buyers can install the streaming music service YoTube Music on their new watch.

The Google Music app does not come from the factory of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, so users will need to go to the Play Store and download it. To do this, they will only have to look for the application from the Play Store that integrates the clock to be able to download it.

YouTube Music for Wear OS allows us to listen to our favorite music from the watch using a Bluetooth headset. Users can explore their recommendation lists and playlists, as well as download their favorite music. This version also includes Smart Download, a feature that automatically downloads our favorite music based on our playing history.

YouTube Music is also expected to make its way to Wear OS 2.0, as Google has confirmed that some of the newer Wear OS 3 will be included in previous generations as well.

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