Nothing has just announced its first wireless headset: the ear (1). The company dares to explore new fronts in an already well worn market, offering a new design that is obvious. The proposal is accompanied by a noise cancellation system, positioning itself as a most interesting alternative thanks to its price of 99 euros.

Nothing design, specs and price to hear (1)

Nothing is the company that OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei started last year. Investors include Tony Fadell, known for his role in developing the original iPod in a project that only lasted 10 months. Although initially they did not say which products the company would focus on, it is now that they announced the ear (1).

With an unusual and eye-catching design, we find a square-shaped case with rounded corners. Being transparent, you can see how the headphones are inside. At the same time, these also have transparent parts that reveal the magnets, microphones and circuitry. The most important specifications are:

Weight of 4.7 grams per earpiece. Driver 11.6 mm. 5.7 hour battery, 34 hours with charging case. Bluetooth 5.2. State-of-the-art active noise cancellation. Three microphones.

It incorporates wireless charging and fast charging via USB-C which, with 10 minutes, gets 8 hours of battery life. The proposal is completed by an IPX4 protection against splashes and perspiration. The truth is that at a price of 99 euros in Spain, they are the most attractive. Nothing’s ear (1) will go on sale on August 17th.

In a way, they have similar or better specs than the AirPods Pro, for a much lower price. Of course, without counting on the integration into the Apple ecosystem, spatial audio, Siri and other advantages enjoyed by the headphones of the Cupertino brand.

More information | Nothing is official page.