New Delhi, 24 August 2021, Tuesday

Amrullah Saleh, the acting President of Afghanistan, spoke to an Indian TV channel today. He claimed that his confession was obtained through torture and that his confession was obtained through torture. We have complete control over Panjshir.

“The people of Panjshir are not ready to bow down to the Taliban,” Saleh said. We are ready for talks. We want peace in our region but if Taliban wants to fight then we are also ready.

“Ahmed Masood is fighting the Taliban like his father,” he said. Everyone is with him. I am also here and here everything is one. We have left everything to the Taliban. If they want war, there will be war.

“The current situation is very strange,” Saleh said. Because the entire cabinet including the President has left the country. Ashraf Ghani has cheated people. Although our goal is the same, we will not run any kind of dictatorship.

“We want our people to have the opportunity to live freely,” he said. We don’t want Afghanistan to become Taliban. We want the Afghan people to have a chance to have their say. This is not possible in a dictatorship.