Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have drawn international attention, as Bulgaria’s blind astrologer Baba Wanga predicted years ago.

Who was Baba Wanga?

In the Bulgarian language, ‘Baba’ is called an old wise lady. This astrologer, known as Baba Wanga, became blind in an accident.

Baba Wanga was born in January 1911 in Bulgaria and was a celebrated devout pioneer, herbalist. He was known for his exceptional and secretive capacities and his treatment cured the sick. He is said to have anticipated the drop of Russia, the Chernobyl atomic mischance, the 2004 Indonesian tidal wave, and the 9/11 assaults on the World Exchange Tower, but a few of his forecasts have been demonstrated wrong.

Baba Wanga passed away on August 11, 1996, also known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans.

Baba Wanga’s and Russia 

As per media reports, in 1979, Baba Wanga told creator Valentin Sidorov that one day Russia would get to be the Ace of the World while Europe would get to be the Fruitless Land.

Baba Wanga used to say a long time back that “everything will soften like ice, but as it were the control of Vladimir and the eminence of Russia will remain.”

The report also states that she had predicted that no one would be able to speak out against Russia and that no one would be able to stop it, and that one day Russia would become the master of the world.

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If we look at Baba Wanga’s predictions in today’s context, it is very likely that World War III will start soon and Russia will be victorious.

Shocking forecasts for 2022

According to the 2022 predictions of Bulgaria’s blind Baba Wanga, catastrophic earthquakes and floods will occur, most of the life in the coastal areas will be destroyed.

According to predictions, there is a risk of another epidemic this year. Even those who survive natural disasters will die of a terrible disease.

If it weren’t for the coronavirus, it could be a new virus that could destroy the planet or a new epidemic, as Bill Gates referred to it.

According to Baba Wanga, this year will be a catastrophe for America, it seems that this year America will destroy itself.

She said that it seems that this crisis will have severe effects because people around the world are currently suffering from the coronavirus, China will emerge as a global superpower, it is a political upheaval. It will be a year.

China will crown itself as the world’s greatest superpower. In addition to China, countries like Russia will also have something strange. Vladimir Putin is likely to be assassinated.