In summer the days are longer and the weather sometimes requires us to go out, and sometimes to stay where there is more shade so as not to die of burnt-out. But what is common to practically all mortals is that, for one thing or another, the time to do things increases, for our leisure, and we can devote some of the saved time to our mobile, to explore. its various accessories and, of course. , to play for a while and have fun.

So we got down to business and asked our colleagues about the games they always carry, those games that they spend time on whenever they have it for free and cannot be installed on their phones. And the answers were as follows.

Ricardo Aguilar’s essential games

The game I’m spending the most hours in right now is Kingdom Rush. It’s simple, but extremely addicting. It is a strategy game in which we have to place towers of magicians, archers, warriors and other troops in strategic areas of the map, so that the enemies do not penetrate our defenses. It’s to give coconut, but hilarious.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Tower Defense

My second option is Genshin Impact, although the card continues to grow and does not give me the life to spend more hours. However, it seems to me the most graphically ambitious game for Android, a delight worthy of consoles.

Genshin Impact

The essential games for Iván Ramírez

Few things are as summery as classic hobby books: crosswords, sudoku, word searches … One of my favorite hobbies is Sudoku, and luckily there is no shortage of mobile versions. not. The truth is, most Sudoku games for Android are almost the same, but I prefer this veteran with 10 million downloads, four levels of difficulty, and not as tiring with ads as the other alternatives.


For when I have a little free time, nothing like a little bit of Prince of Persia, the reissue of the legendary game created by Ketchapp. As far as mobile game adaptations go, this is one of the most successful, with good gameplay and very easy controls. The goal is the same as usual, run, jump and not get impaled on the way before reaching the back door. Each level lasts about a minute, so it’s likely to fill up any little glitch you find yourself in.

Prince of Persia: Escape

The essential games for Iván Linares

Holidays are a great time to recover from vices; like the chained games in Alto’s Odyssey, one of my favorite mobile games. Although it is repetitive in itself, the truth is that its minimalist environment, full of color gradients, relaxes me. I still enjoy it like the first day.

Alto’s Odyssey

Taking advantage of the free time of the holidays, I plan to resume my game at the Impact Genshin. I find it incredible that a title of this quality and expansion allows you to play for hours without paying a dime. And the developers have fleshed out the already vast initial universe, double reason to return to my game

Genshin Impact

The essential games for Laura Sacristán

In the summer, I usually do hobbies in the style of self-definition, sudoku, or word search, and this year my option has been Pixel Art. They say paint by numbers helps release stress and the truth is, it entertains me and it relaxes me to the same extent (especially if I’m playing in a hammock, of course). It has ads and offers shopping, but it comes with thousands of free designs that you can color offline.

Pixel Art: Paint By Numbers Games

Another option I’m addicted to this summer is Sky: Children of Light. Personally, I think aesthetically this is one of the best games out there on Google Play, but beyond its graphics, I’m drawn to its social burden and its painstaking way of telling the story. Above, it’s free and ad-free.

Sky: children of light

The essential games for Samuel Fernández

I mean, for me. I left the last one to tell you that while I play less and less on my cell phone (the PS5, Stadia, and the tablet are to blame), there are a few games that never fail in my library, and l one of them is Bullet Echo. Without a doubt, the game that has conquered me for months, a multiplayer looter shooter with an aerial perspective and, of course, the Battle Royale mode. Although the latter is not very good for me. I recommend it to you.

Bullet echo

The other must-have for me is an old acquaintance with the mobile world but no less entertaining for it. It’s around 2048. A puzzle title with mathematical accents that makes you squeeze the coconut to avoid blocking the boards. Even if once you learn the mechanics everything is much faster. Definitely still installed.