Rio de Janeiro, Monday, November 22, 2021

Nicole of Brazil is just 4 years old and is working as a scientist with NASA. Nicole is known as the youngest scientist in the world. She is working on NASA’s Asteroid Search Project. He not only attends international seminars but also meets big names in space and science. His abode is filled with posters of the solar system, small models of rockets, and statues from the Star Wars movie. He studies pictures taken from computer space in a small room. It can quickly identify an asteroid from the tiny dots seen in the pictures. The asteroid is found when it has the slightest doubt in the picture.

The program that Nicole is associated with is called Asteroid Hunters. The objective of this project is to provide opportunities to children and youth by introducing them to the field of space science. The project operates under the International Astronomical Exploration Cooperation Programme. Brazil’s Ministry of Science is also involved in this science program with NASA. 6-year-old Nicole has so far discovered 12 asteroids. These asteroids are named after the scientists and parents of their country. Although it would take years to locate the asteroid discovered by Nicole, whenever her asteroids are recognized, she will be the youngest woman in the world to have discovered an asteroid. So far this record is in the name of 18-year-old Luigina Sanino of Italy. Nicole attends a private school in the northeastern Brazilian city of Fortolej while receiving a scholarship.

Nicole comes from a simple family and hails from Machiavelli, an inland 1100 km away from her place of study. Her father is a computer specialist while her mother works in the craft industry. Nicole bought the telescope at the age of 7 with school children’s funds. Nicole wants to become an aerospace engineer. Nicole wants to become an aerospace engineer. He says he wants to pursue rocket science, but wants to work longer hours at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He also wants to see his classmates progress in the field of space science.