Along with the arrival a few hours ago of iOS 15.3 and the rest of Apple’s operating system updates, users immersed in the beta also received iOS 15.4 (the same as the rest of the systems operating). A version that comes with the novelty of unlocking with a mask and without Apple Watch and a problem with the HomeKit accessories that we want to connect.

The first beta version of iOS 15.4 causes malfunctions with devices that are added to HomeKit, Apple’s connected home platform, specifically those that use Thread. But it’s not all bad, and with tvOS 15.4, Apple TV supports tethered Wi-Fi.

Crash with HomeKit and Thread devices

WARNING – Do not update to iOS15.4 if you want to add Thread #HomeKit accessories! Please keep in mind that this is beta software for development only anyway.

— HomeKitAuthority (@followhomekit) January 27, 2022

Thread is a low-power wireless mesh networking protocol based on the Universal Internet Protocol (IP). Offering low power consumption and low latency, it is an open standard based on the use of IEEE 802.15.4 wireless connections.

Now, with iOS 15.4 arriving in its first beta, it seems that HomeKit users are having a hard time onboarding HomeKit devices that use Thread. Some of what Apple itself reports on the support page detailing the issues present with the beta.

These bugs are common with beta versions of any operating system, which is what development versions are for. It is to be hoped that it will be corrected with the successive updates which should be released on a weekly basis.

tvOS 15.4 with captive Wi-Fi support

And along with the arrival of iOS 15.4, the first beta version of tvOS 15.4 has also arrived. And it does it with an interesting novelty, because now, in tvOS 15.4, support for the captive Wi-Fi network is added.

This means that an iPhone or iPad can be used to connect Apple TV to networks that require additional connection steps. It is a useful function if at some point we use Apple TV in an environment such as a rental house or a hotel and we want to connect it to Wi-Fi which requires an additional step than adding a Wi-Fi password.

Instead of having to connect by adding personal data to the network from Apple TV, the iPhone or iPad can be used to connect more easily.